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гостиница KEMPINSKI 5* deluxe Местонахождение: Аэропорт Адрес: TERMINALSTRASSE / MITTE 20, D-85356 MUNICH AIRPORT, GERMANY, Телефон: 49-89-97820, Факс: 49-89-97822513 Количество комнат: 320 Скидки детям: с 2 по 12 лет. Баров: 2 Закрытых басейнов: 1 Банкетных залов: 30 Описание: Расположение AIRPORTMUNICH 1 km to the nearest station: AT THE AIRPORT (10 MINS) 4 minute walk to nearest bus stop. 39 km to the nearest fair site: MUNICH Дополнительная информация LOCATION The hotel is directly connected via tunnels with the airport. Munich town centre is just 30mins on the train. ROOMS The rooms are large and in exceptional condition. They are simply but tastefully furnished in a modern style. Warm colours and wooden furniture give them a warm atmosphere that some might find is lacking in some of the public areas. The bathrooms are also in exceptional condition. RESTAURANT The restaurant is on the ground floor adjacent to the lobby. It is modern in style with the decorations featuring an aeronautical theme. EXTERIOR It is a quite amazing glass and steel construction built in a "u" shape with two wings linked together by the lobby. LOBBY The hangar style lobby is very large and is decorated and furnished in a very modern style. Next to the reception desk on the right hand side is a seating area with modern bright red seats. Opposite the reception area is the lobby bar also featuring bright red leather seats and very high artificial palm trees. The bar is partitioned off by glass vitrines with artificial red geraniums. GENERAL 0201UV События 14.09.2004 - 18.09.2004: Intermot-Motorcycles/Scooters 17.09.2004 - 03.10.2004: Oktoberfest - Beer Festival 27.09.2004 - 29.09.2004: Materialica Materials 29.09.2004 - 09.10.2004: Expopharm-Intl Pharmaceutical 03.10.2004 - 05.10.2004: Golf Europe 04.10.2004 - 06.10.2004: Expo - Commercial Real Estate 17.10.2004 - 21.10.2004: Systems-Information Technology 19.02.2005 - 23.02.2005: CBR-Caravan & Boat Exhibition 25.02.2005 - 28.02.2005: Inhorgenta - Jewellery 08.11.2004 - 11.11.2004: Electronica - Electronics 16.01.2005 - 21.01.2005: BAU - Building Fair 05.02.2005 - 08.02.

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